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Sometimes you find something that makes you want to jump up and down and applaud. This is such a thing. The description of how he did it makes it even more mind boggling from a technical perspective: [blockquote]An experimental film in tribute to Ridley Scott’s legendary film “Blade Runner” (1982) This film was made as a unique picture with a resolution of 60.000 x 60.000 pixels (3.6 gigapixels) It was made with 167,819 frames from ‘Blade Runner’. 1>first step : the […]

Random Street Art – Feet

I spotted these sat on the pavement just near Paddington.

What do points make? The right to get into a Christian school.

Below are the “points” requirements needed to get into a local church of England school near where I live. If this wasn’t so depressing I think I’d be laughing out loud. It does occur to me that starting you own religion and declaring your house a temple would seem to be a fairly effective way of building up the required points for entrance. Still, I suspect they might see though that… ADMISSIONS POLICY FOR TWYFORD CE HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC YEAR […]

Windows Performance 1.0 – 7.9?

You can rate the performance of a Windows box to see how well it performs. You end up with a figure between 1.0 and 7.9 So that’s a useful scale then isn’t it? Why not between 1.0 and 6.9? That would at least be funny in a sniggering school boy sort of way. We have to resume that the software engineers at M$ are incapable of doing the rudimentary maths to convert this into a more logical scale. Oh and […]

Door Bells

If first impressions last, then perhaps it’s time to consider changing your doorbell… Here’s a few I found in central London. Would you consider visiting these premises? What would your first impression be?  

Notes from a Small Town (Marple)

Parochial English towns always cough up some entertainment. The local newspapers scream of horrific incidents, shops desperately try to associate themselves with prestige brands despite having no logical connection and scorned lovers publically humiliate unfaithful lovers to a disinterested public. Sometimes living in a  city doesn’t seem so bad.

The Ultimate Form of Irony?

I’ve been creating an animated progress bar in After Effects for a TV programme. So as I’m rendering this out I’m watching a progress bar rendering a progress bar… For an encore I was thinking of creating an animated kettle boiling.

Anorexia – Irony or Symbolism?

At our post house we shred DVD’s we don’t need. This one happened to catch my attention…

Engineering Dinner

It has been pointed out that I made a school boy error in my last post by not including the most necessary element in any engineering meal – a beer. I have recognised the error of my ways and corrected them. In best celebrity cook style I have improved my recipe with the addition of a a side salad of sun roasted DVD shreddings together with a dressing of lens cleaner. Enjoy!

Engineering Lunch

The fridge in engineering was a little empty so I had to improvise.. Actually I think I’ve missed a trick here. I could have labelled the tape “Can’t cook, Won’t Cook” and called the post “TV dinners”

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