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Glimpses of the BT Tower

The icon building snaking into view.

BT Tower

Glimpsed views of the iconic building.

BT Tower Spotting

Visible from all over London.

BT Tower

Shot on a GH2 45mm f1.8 Olympus Prime. I rather like this for some reason.

Exclusive! BT Tower Launches into Space!

We were testing a video camera outside work the other day when we managed to capture this bit of startling footage. It appears that the BT Tower has blasted off into space! Let’s hope there was nobody inside at the time eh…

Rocket Tower

Something strange is afoot in Fitzrovia. Someone is distributing photos around the area showing before and after photos of the BT tower, one dated in the future with the tower missing. What’s it all about? There’s also a link to this Facebook page, which doesn’t seem to offer any more clues right now..

Bt tower

Looking very moody today

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