Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dead Island Game Trailer.

…and then we all applauded at the brilliance of all involved…

Black Swan – VFX Reel

Here’ s some great breakdowns of the VFX from “Black Swan“ If you’re a fan of the movie check out the official site here: http://www.ijustwanttobeperfect.com/

Reasons People Want a Mac.

Don’t Have A Cow Man! – The Board Game.

Coming soon to a toy store near you!

Digital Cow – Spot the Difference.

The big cows are very very close…..

Free to Good Home

Grab yourself a slinky… free to the first person to email me. I’ve moved to a ground floor flat with no stairs and so can no longer use it.

Secret Messages.

  Thanks to Richard Wiseman for the above. Check out his endlessly entertaining blog here.

The Best Tag Line on a Resident Evil Sequel Box Ever

How bad must the film be if the best quote they can find about it is “The Best Resident Evil sequel yet” from The Sun?

Bright Lights of City

Middle Class

The definition of being middle class – building a stadium in your kitchen cupboard for your condiments – look daddy Marmite has his kid on his shoulders – how cute.

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