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It’s a dog’s life

I have a few ‘rules’ when arriving somewhere to stay for a few days. Most of them are dull. Everyone has their own little rituals of un-packing, arranging and exploring. They are usually things that lead to divorce in later life – leaving the toothpaste not facing due north for example. Some however are worth sharing. It’s important to make friends with the dogs when arriving at a newplace. I bonded with ours at the ‘Phangan Lodge’ on the first […]

Tinglish #2

I’m sure I only find thse funny because I’m a pedant, but there you go. That’ll be how to find the car park then? Or not?

Here hut here

That’ll be our hut then, not the thing at the bottom that’s the restaurant (Don’t have the fried eggs though, they always over-cook them) It’s the thing that looks like a bird house up in the trees. A brief stroll to the beach via this delightful bridge. Sooper.

Club Sandwich #5

Now you’re talking. See, slightly soft egg – bacon, lettuce, juicy tomato and delicate looking, so you don’t feel like you’re over-doing it. It even had those cocktail sticks with the grooves in the end, I like those for some reason. Good effort 8/10.

Games for the idle.

So, you wander across this sandy bit to the island, remembering of course to come back before high tide otherwise you end up doing a bit of improptu swimming/wading with your bag on your head. Ahem. Once there you can player a game of checkers. Admittedly we had to improvise with rocks and shells, but you can’t have everything can you? Still, it did make for a somewhat more complicated game than usual. It had to be said some rocks […]

Budget Accommodation

This is the one we turned down, a little draughty of an evening I thought. Still, it’s in a lovely spot. With excellent air conditioning.

They say it changes when the sun goes down..

Right, definitely no more bloody sunsets from now on. Back to hardcore journalism.

Life’s a Beach

Seems like a reasonable spot. Pat sporting his traditional camouflage gear. Note the large island shape speech bubble coming from this mouth.. Clouds, islands etc

– Watersports –

I feel I should let you all in on a fact that I've discovered. Allured by the romantic notion of being at sea in some sort of self powered transportation I embarked on a Kayaking trip this afternoon with capt'n Pasqale.   For those of you unfamiliar with the Kayak, it is a large bright orange plastic Tango container with two seats. You are supplied with paddles, the variety used in a traditional canoe – only not made of fibre glass – steel is the material of really Kayakers it […]


It's my nephew, Max's birthday today so here's a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from uncle Rick (and baldy Pat) Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday dear Max,Happy birthday to you! (cheering and three hip-hip-hoorays!)

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