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I feel I should let you all in on a fact that I've discovered. Allured by the romantic notion of being at sea in some sort of self powered transportation I embarked on a Kayaking trip this afternoon with capt'n Pasqale.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Kayak, it is a large bright orange plastic Tango container with two seats. You are supplied with paddles, the variety used in a traditional canoe – only not made of fibre glass – steel is the material of really Kayakers it would appear. Nice heavy steel that is. With this you are expected to power yourself around.
There's a reasonably large island just off the coast from where we are staying. It seemed like a reasonable obstacle to try and circumnavigate.

Like many things in life the reality turned out to be slightly less exciting than the fantasy created in my head.

First of all there are those amusing ocean currents to deal with, these have a nasty tendency to fill your Kayak with water, thus impeding your progress. Then you've got to take into account the general level of unfitness of the parties concerned. Other than humping a few kilos of rucksack up and down a few steps, it would be fair to say the level of upper body strength present was not that of you average gym bound bench presser.
Still, there certainly was an element of excitment about the proceedings; mainly along the lines of "who's stupid idea was this exactly?"
Paddling hastily back to dry land to play a few games of pool and have a massage seemed like a much better idea.

True holiday pursuits in my humble opinion.. 

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