Palletised Solutions.

Do you think you know the English language? well if you think you do I’m sure you will be screaming by now about the above photograph on the basis that palletised – or I have to presume for our American readers’ ‘palletized’ – is, well, not a real word. The thing is, in our “content is more” Internet enabled culture defining things and making definitions of them available to the masses as quickly as possible is the way to generate traffic and therefore money. The OED’s strict adherence to the rule of “it has to enter popular culture before acceptance” seems positively old fashioned. dictionary.com seems to actively search the Internet and hastily defines any new “word” it finds. No doubt given enough time and repetition any obvious typo will enter it’s vast database of human lexicography.

So if you’re still struggling with palletisation look it up on dictionary.com. I won’t bore you with the details, but there it is in all its glory.

Of course you have to wonder which came first: the pallet or the palletisation…

For those of you struggling with what the hell I am on about here’s an explanation of the pallet.

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