My Least Favourite Error Message of All Time.


This it has to be said is a work or art. I may print it out and frame it. Or possibly render it in oils.  Either way I reckon this message has the same effect on IT Managers as my first viewing of “Alien” did to me at the tender age of 13, sitting in a darkened bedroom listening on headphones so that my parents couldn’t hear – It scared the shit out of me. And so does this message – it’s possibly the most effective laxative I have come across.

“WINDOWS SERVER 2003 HAS BEEN PARTIALLY UPDATED AND MAY NOT WORK PROPERLY” I think there should be additional line underneath:
”You’re Fucked Dude!”

As a footnote to anyone who stumbles here and actually has this error on a production server: I could not resolve this problem and so had to do a full server restore from a backup tape. Save yourself some time and bite the bullet, I wasted the best part of a night trying to “fix” this and failed. Get restoring now!

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