Victory for Common Sense?

So £200,000 and two years later Simon Singh finally ‘wins’ his case against the British Chiropractic Association – a ‘medical’ organisation so distrusting of it’s members abilities that its only solution to any criticism levelled against it is litigation.

Whatever happened to scientific debate one may ask.

We may consider this to be victory for common sense but you have to wonder at what cost. Putting the literal cost aside and if I’m to understand the papers correctly Mr Singh will still not be able to recover all of the £200,000 spent on this case, there’s the much more intangible loss of a great intellectual’s time being tied up for two years on this nonsense when he could have being doing something more productive instead.

Still, we have to hope that this will help turn the tide and push for the much needed libel reform we desparately need in this country.

In the meantime I don’t think we can quite put away that word favoured by all lawyers – ‘allegedly’ quite yet.

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