Teal and Orange

Suddenly everyone on the Internet has overcome their colour blindness and noticed that every Hollywood blockbuster made in that last few years is a funny colour. Or more specifically two funny colours. That’ll be that Teal and Orange look then.

Never been one to buck a trend I’ve regraded one of my holiday photos to illustrate the point:


Strangely, my photo doesn’t seem to have quite the same look as all those movies though. Perhaps I need the help of a colourist or two? Any volunteers?

Frankly, what seems strange to me is that anyone is at all surprised with Hollywood for *gasp* repeating an idea! I mean has nobody noticed a trend here:

Hmm, no repetition there then.

Frankly, been a fan of ridiculously “hyper-real” imagery I think they should try and take the whole stylized concept even further. I’d like to see a whole movie that looked like this:


Bring back technicolor 3-strip for the digital age, that’s what I say.

There’s a great ranting blog post about this trend here.

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