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UK Election 2010 Timelapse.

Life is short and we all need to get some sleep… With this premise in mind I did a timelapse of the UK general election results so you can digest it all in a neat two and a half minute chunk.

Election 2010 – Anyone for Pie?

On the left – The number of votes cast for each of the major parties in the 2010 UK general Election. On the right the number of seats awarded to members of each of the main political parties.

Birthday Fun for Joe and Alice

Joe got to be 31 and Alice got to be 30, which is nice. I decided all the photos would be some sort of contemporary art project based on a Liberal Democrat orange colour. They also had to be very blurry at the end to try and re-create the “experience”

Anthropomorphising Anyone?

Question: How can an animal have its privacy invaded when privacy is a legal construct for humans alone?Answer: When the Daily Mail gets hold of the story.

Pull your trousers up….apparently not.

There’s a thin line between annoyance and personal freedom. Whatever you may think about the utterly ridiculous ‘yout’ trend of havin’ your arse hanging out in public I don’t think pushing it through the already overloaded legal system is one of them. Frankly if you want to look like someone incapable of purchasing the correct size clothes then that is up to you.

I’d Like a QuickTime Please…

AKA: The Stupidest Request to Make in Post Production and How to Avoid It.

Geordie Letraset

Do You remember Letraset? It was a sheet of plastic with the letters of the alphabet printed on it. You scribbled on one side and the letter was magically transfered to a sheet of paper. Repeat this process a few dozen times and et viola! you have a sentence! As you can imagine this was a somewhat laborious process, with slightly variable results. I re-imagined this old tech from the perspective of a Geordie, with a somewhat reduced character set […]

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