Venice by Night

Venice is very pretty, I think everybody is probably aware of this. It’s also a photographic nightmare – it would be quite easy to spend your entire holiday taking photographs of things rather than actually looking at them – the middle class holiday version of going to a rock concert and then spending the whole evening videoing the event on you mobile phone, thus reducing the whole experience down to a 5cm x 3cm proxied rendition of events.

I managed to keep my photo count addiction down to about 200 a day, not bad going for me. Mind you that doesn’t include the video footage…

Taking a half decent photograph in Venice requires four things:

  • Putting the camera in your bag before leaving home.
  • Remembering to remove the lens cap before pressing the shutter button.
  • Looking into the correct end of the camera.
  • Having a memory card installed.
If you manage to fulfil these criteria, you can’t go too far wrong. I attempted to make life slightly harder for myself by doing some photography in the dark. Here are some of the results.

There’s more photos of the Venice Biennale on here somewhere. That search box at the top will probably help you find them.

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