The End of the Day

I’m very fond of this photography because it was a considered choice. I saw the people on the hill, the tree and I was aware of the backlight from the setting sun.

It was as they like to say a decisive moment.

So I took the photograph. All whilst walking without stopping, tired at the end of a long day. A split second. Yet a considered choice.

There is debate in intellectual photography circles about the nature of the creative act of taking a photograph – does the image appear in the photographer’s mind first or is some other subconscious agent at work? Or is it all just serendipity? Random chance and luck are still often sited techniques of the professional photographer.

Like all things I don’t believe there is an absolute answer – inevitably all of the above components feature at some point in the creation of my pictures.

This photograph however I made. I remember its inception – seeing it in my mind, framing the shot and pressing the shutter.

That’s what I like about this photograph.

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