Make it Bad

bad-photos-headerThose of you who can remember 110 film cameras, Super-8 and all the other forms of fallible film technology will find great joy in the iPhone application that is Hipstamatic – a wonderfully implemented bit of software that emulates not only the looks but the technological feel of using old school film technology – pick a slightly questionable film stock  a suitably dodgy lens and a questionable film process and see what comes out of the mix. Random chance can be infinitely more interesting than any real choice.

What separates this bit of software from all the other faux polaroid clones is it’s level of granularity – this is uber photo geekery in the extreme. Those of you itching to get on with it should get out their cheque books (ironic) and pay the 1980’s price of £1.79 ($240 US inflation adjusted) at the Hipstamatic website. The rest of you born before 1980 and remember manners will pour scorn on my dodgy attempts before doing the same.


Go forth and take bad photos with random optimism, that’s what I say.

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