Fashion Phone Covers

For a brief period a few years back Nokia must have believed they had hit on the best thing since SMS. Namely the concept of the phone with changeable covers Рor as I like to imagine it Р clothes for phones.

If you listen carefully you can still almost hear the distant echoes of faux genius from the board room:

[blockquote]Well kids like to buy lots of clothes and so if we gave phones clothes that they could change they’d spend lots of money on plastic covers for their phones wouldn’t they? Yeah, it’d be just like Barbie only with phones…. (cue large glasses of champagne all round)[/blockquote]

Of course the market is not that simple and “clip on” covers died the death they deserved, but not before I had oportunitiy to re-imagine the concept and bastardise it a bit on route.

At the time I actually managed to find a company who would print our designs onto the necessary phone shells, although I had to re-think sending any designs to them when I realised they were based in Germany and one of my parodies featured a certain famous vegetarian¬†moustached¬†dictator…


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