Would You Like an Opinion with That?

Back in the old days when we use to shoot photos on that archaic media called film you had to get it developed before you could see what a mess you’d made of your composition.

There were two options here:

a) Take it to a professional photographic store and receive unsolicited advise in person by a sneering 25 ASA snob who was still convinced he was going to be the next Magnum Photographer/David Bailey.

b) Take it to Boots and after an embarassing “are you sure you don’t want any condoms?” conversations get you photos critisicsed by label.

It’s hard to believe right now but the following parody shots are pretty much what happened –  if you dare to submit a photo that was, well not a “classically framed” snapshot of your family in the garden you were submitted to an “art critique” on the quality of your photo – by self adhesive label.

What alway facinated me about this was wondering who was responsible for makig the call on whether the photo was “good” or “bad” Let’s be honest this is about as subjective opinion as you can form and I’m presuming that Brian Sewell was not employed by Boots in the 1980’s as a roving art critiic to give some sort of considered opinion.


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