ipod coffin Anyone with half an eye on YouTube and too much time on their hands can’t have helped but notice the bizarre trend for un-boxing videos. Interestingly, this appears to be some form of basic regression back to childhood and at that level I almost wish I could share in the gleeful joy… that’s until I remember that I’m not a child and that the boxes being opened only contain a piece of electronic ephemera.

This rather nasty fetishisation of an objects packaging needs a serious parody, I have a proposal:

[blockquote]I’m looking for someone with access to a coffin complete with a dead body inside so we can do the ultimate un-boxing video. Ideally, the body should be holding a Mac laptop and be listening to an iPod touch.[/blockquote]

I’ll admit in terms of the props required this maybe a little bit tricky, but you never know..

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