Types of Photography

Do you take photos of weird stuff?
What does it all mean?
Maybe there’s some hidden meaning to the contents of your photographs…

So if you take a picture of something like this you are immediately deemed to be “arty” I’m curious about the polarisation of photography – the groups seem to be basically:

a) I’m not very good at photos and mainly take pictures of people with no heads.
b) I’m fucking brilliant at photography and to illustrate this I’m going to carry around a rucksack of very expensive equipment to prove it.

I have noticed one slight deviation however. I call it repeat photography. This is where you are really good at taking one photograph and keep taking it over and over again, thousands of times. I have friends who have elivated this to high art. There’s a really good example of this on the Internet called “Facebook” you may have heard of it. Basically all the photos on Facebook are the same photograph – the photo is called “Me with my firends in a dark bar, slightly drunk” and it is always somewhat over exposed. There’s also a person at the back doing the “ears” thing.

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