Monthly Archives: May 2022

3×3 Southease to Brighton

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3×3 Cowden Circular via Hever

Country walking.

Genia’s Cod & Cauli Summer Bake

Serves 2 Preheat oven to 200-220 C Requires: oven dish, spatula or large serving spoon, sense of adventure   — Ingredients — [ ]2 x cod fillet, or haddock, hake or other sturdy white fish [ ]Half  / small head of cauliflower [ ]Sun-dried or fresh tomatoes [ ]Olives – any! [ ]Pesto or other tasty green herby sauce [ ]Asparagus, padron peppers or other (fancy?) greens [ ]Optional – potatoes – mashed, baked, steamed, etc.   — Method — Lay fish fillets in an oven dish […]

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