Monthly Archives: May 2019

3×3 The Adventures of Blinky #1

Blinky wakes up to find it’s a beautiful new day and goes out to explore.

3×3 Plymouth Signs

Country walking.

3×3 Plymouth People

3×3 Infra Red Hamsptead Heath

Country walking.

Faster and Faster and Stranger and Stranger

Things are getting faster and faster and stranger and stranger and it’s almost comforting to think that some sort of crystal moment will arrive and a new order will snap out and suddenly everything will be different. – William Gibson

Any Which Way

In a country that seems to be struggling to finds its bearings perhaps some rudimentary indicators can help.   CLICK for Directions  

3×3 Shiplake to Henley

Country walking.

Daniel Craig Martin – ’21st Century Catastrophe’

With slight apologies to the real MCM. Although as I read in his book he was trying to remove all traces of the artist from his images so on that basis I can’t really have found anything to plagiarise.

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