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There’s something in my drink

  Location:Leaside Ave,Tottenham,United Kingdom

Secret Garden Party 2011 in 3D

I’ve been playing around with a FujiFilm Finepix W3 3D camera. Here’s some sample footage shot recently at the Secret Garden Party. You’ll need to dig out your red/cyan glasses. There’s also a side by side version for those of you with fancy 3D TVs available here and a YouTube version here.

How Video Sharing Websites Work (For TV People)

Sonos, Packet Storms, STP and Tick Boxes.

This weeks edition – the spanning tree protocol and a Netgear GS108T “smart” switch. For those of you not familiar with STP – and I include myself in that category until about 24 hours ago – it’s a system that allows switches to have multiple redundant paths to the same device. In old fashioned networking (I.E. when I was a lad) this was a very bad idea as it led to a broadcast storm, or a feedback loop as us […]

Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest

Stick with Sunset

Bad Typography Corner

  Spotted in West Hampstead. Perhaps it just looks like that from this angle….

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