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I’m Hiding

Merry Christmas. 

   A still from the truly marvellous iPad game ‘Prune’ Check it out. 

Thought for the Day

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not feel bent out of shape.    

Street Art

Fallen leaves or spilt paint?

XML Joke of the Day


A Saturday Walk – Milford to Godalming

Lacie Pumpkin Edition.

With thanks to Simon I. for his creation.

Pink ‘n’ White’s 5th Birthday.

Here’s the original birthday celebrations: …and the original description: I’d never heard of Pink ‘n’ Whites until about a year ago when someone offered me one. I took a bite… it tasted of exactly nothing. Curious.. Nothing. Very Strange. I put it to one side and there it has remained.. a curious experiment to see if it will ever actually break down in any way. So far.. nothing. It looks exactly the same as it did 12 months ago. I […]

Is this art?