Saturday, July 12, 2014
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Latitude 2013 I Went to Latitude festival and shot some video. Here are the results.

SGP 2012 After far too long slaving over a hot keyboard the SGP video is finally cooked. So sit back, turn down the lights and crank the volume, it’s time to re-live that muddy weekend in July.
Heading 4 Number 4 (Floating)
Intersections Barcode Mashup
Everybody is talking about movie barcodes... Are they? Well, they are in my world.
Ex•pan•sions I’ve been doing some more split screen experiments, this time mirrored around both axis. I’m quite pleased with these results, there’s a hypnotic quality to this footage which is rather appealing.


New Website Coming Soon.

In the mean time here’s an exciting picture

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The S**T Writing on the Floor.

It’s obviously all got too much for the residents of Gondar Gardens. This bit of random graffiti appeared on the pavement a few days ago. I rather like the “let’s break the law to fix someone breaking the law” strategy.

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Movie time.

One from the recent Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park. More to come soon.

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